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What types of jaw crusher parts are there?

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What types of jaw crusher parts are there?

It is understood that jaw crusher parts, which can also be called jaw crusher wearing parts, are important components of the jaw crusher and need to be replaced within a certain period of time. Jaw crusher parts can be divided into jaw plate, elbow plate, side guard plate, tooth plate, triangle belt, and so on.  Next are some introductions.

Here is the content list:

l Jaw Plate

l Elbow plate

l Side plate

l Tooth plate

l Triangle belt

l Adjustment device

l Lubrication device

Jaw Plate

The jaw plate is a wear-resistant part of the jaw crusher parts, mainly divided into the fixed jaw plate and the moving jaw plate. After the material enters the cavity of the jaw crusher, the fixed jaw plate and the movable jaw plate are squeezed back and forth to break up the material.

Elbow plate

It is also called the top plate, thrust plate, etc., which plays the role of insurance in the jaw crusher parts.  The jaw crusher elbow plate is made of HT200 material casting, the chemical composition of the raw material is stable to ensure its mechanical properties. From Hongxing Heavy Industry, we know that when impacted by an external force greater than the rated load, the elbow plate can quickly break to protect the main machine from damage and the motor from being burned out.

Side plate

Jaw crusher side guard plate is located between fixed tooth plate and movable tooth plate, it is high manganese steel casting, which is mainly used to protect the jaw crusher frame wall in the whole body.

Tooth plate

The movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate of the jaw crusher are high manganese steel castings. To prolong their service life, their shapes are designed to be symmetrical at the top and bottom, i.e., they can be turned around when one end is worn. The movable tooth plate and fixed tooth plate are the main receiving place for stone crushing. The movable tooth plate is installed on the movable jaw to protect the movable jaw.

Triangle belt

The triangle belt is connected to the motor pulley and groove pulley by the triangle belt when the motor transmits power and drives the eccentric shaft to make the moving jaw reciprocate according to the predetermined track.

Adjustment device

Jaw crusher parts are adjusted by wedge type, pad type, and hydraulic type, etc. The wedge type is generally used, which consists of two wedges at the front and rear. The front wedge can be moved back and forth to hold the rear push plate; the rear wedge is the adjusting wedge, which can be moved up and down, and the bevels of the two wedges are inverted to fit together, and the screw makes the rear wedge move up and down to adjust the size of the discharge opening.  The adjustment of the discharge opening of the small jaw crusher is realized by increasing or decreasing the number of shims between the rear thrust plate support and the frame.

Lubrication device

The eccentric shaft bearings are usually lubricated by centralized circulation. The support surface of the mandrel and thrust plate is usually lubricated by grease through a manual grease gun. The swing angle of the dynamic jaw is very small, so that the heart shaft and the shaft tile lubrication between the difficult, often in the bottom of the shaft tile open several axial oil grooves, the middle of a circular oil groove to make it connected, and then the oil pump forced to inject dry grease for lubrication.

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