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What types of impact crusher parts are available?

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What types of impact crusher parts are available?

Impact crusher parts are important components of the impact crusher and need to be replaced regularly, so they are also known as the wearing parts of the impact crusher. In this article, we will introduce the impact crusher parts in detail.

Here is the content list:

l Plate hammer

l Side guards

l Impact plate

l Square steel

l Pressing block

Plate hammer

The plate hammer is made of high chromium alloy and new manufacturing technology, with special structural design, the finished processed product is cubic, without tension and cracks, and the grain shape is quite good, which is a trustworthy high wear-resistant casting, and also greatly improves the service life of the plate hammer. And the structure design of these impact crusher parts is reasonable, with the advantages of fast loading and unloading, multiple replacements, etc., which can effectively shorten the time of changing the plate hammer. But in the process of use, this impact crusher parts wear to a certain extent should be adjusted or replaced in time to avoid damage to fasteners and other components.

Side guards

The side plate is a wearable part of the impact crusher. This kind of impact crusher parts wears aging resistance to hit the ability to decline, often causing the liner plate was knocked off the accident, but also caused the crusher sealing performance decline in the generation of large dust. After technical updating, our company produces side shields generally made of medium alloy, which have good wear resistance and greatly improve the service life of this impact crusher part.

Impact plate

The impact plate is to bear the impact of the material rebounded from the plate hammer, so that the material is crushed by the impact, and the impact crushed material is re-bounced back to the impact area to be crushed again to obtain the required product size. This impact crusher is made of high manganese steel and has a variety of structural forms, mainly in the form of bending and curving, and also has a role in adjusting the discharge opening.

Square steel

Square steel is a square structure, can be divided into seamed and seamless. Seamed square steel is made of steel plates welded together and made into square steel tubes. Seamless square steel is made of seamless steel pipe. Its compression resistance is much greater than that of a seamed square tube. This type of impact crusher parts plays a role in not allowing the material to be discharged from the front, after strict enforcement of the heat treatment process, the use of wear-resistant parts of high strength, key components using national export inspection-free products, equipment, one-time investment, high benefits.

Pressing block

The compression block is widely used in all kinds of mining machinery, with excellent material and stable performance, and can be made according to different requirements. After the completion of the load test run, the necessary adjustments should be made to the compression block. These impact crusher parts are characterized by their stable chemical composition, reasonable heat treatment process, good wear resistance, and high strength. This impact crusher part uses an automatic clamping mechanism, which is driven by a cylinder, a linkage mechanism, and a linear guideway, to achieve the sequential action of clamping the compression block, feeding it, clamping the other end, releasing it at the same time and returning it. The whole process is fully pneumatically controlled and the action is accurate and reliable, meeting the user's requirements.

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