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What types of cone crusher parts are available?

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What types of cone crusher parts are available?

Cone crushers are widely used in metallurgy, construction, mining, and other industries as secondary crushing or tertiary or quaternary crushing. Hydraulic cone crusher, compound cone crusher, spring cone crusher various wearing parts are collectively called cone crusher parts. Next is an introduction to the types of cone crusher parts.

Here is the content list:

l Crushing Wall

l Cone wall

l Bowl type bearing

l Copper Bushing

Crushing Wall

The crushing wall is one of the main components of a cone crusher, also known as the moving cone, and is fixed to the cone body with a cone head. The cone wall is forged from new composite material and is characterized by its high wear resistance, cost-effectiveness, and wide range of applications. This cone crusher part is fixed by the conehead on the cone body, with epoxy resin cast between the two. After 6-8 hours of work, the newly installed or newly replaced cone crushing wall should be checked for fastening and should be tightened immediately if found loose.

Cone wall

The cone wall is the main part of the cone crusher that works together with the crushing wall to crush the material, because it is fixed and immobile it is also called the fixed cone. When the cone crusher is in operation, the wall moves in a trajectory, sometimes close to and sometimes far away from the cone crusher parts, to squeeze and crush the material, part of which is discharged from the open side discharge. This cone crusher part has a U-shaped screw put on the adjustment ring, between the two injected zinc alloy so that it is tightly combined, new installation or replacement of these cone crusher parts, after 6 ~ 8 hours of work, should check the tightening situation, and tighten the U-shaped screw again.

Bowl type bearing

The preparatory work before installing the bowl-shaped bearing is, first of all, to clear the oil tank and oil hole debris, and then check the dustproof ring and oil ring to see if there is bad touch or deformation, then check the processing surface to see if there is damage, if there is damage should be repaired immediately. Finally, the cone crusher parts should be closely matched with the base and the horizontal contact surface should be checked with a stopper. After the cone crusher parts are installed, immediately cover the bowl tile with a cover plate and take the cover plate off when installing the crushing cone. When installing the bowl-shaped bearing, attention should be paid to the protection of the inlet pipe, drainage channel, oil retaining ring, and dustproof ring, so as not to touch the bad when installing.

Copper Bushing

The role of the copper sleeve of the cone crusher is to act as a sliding bearing. It has a copper sleeve with a large gear assembly, which is generally not much worn and has a total clearance of less than 5 mm. In the middle of the large gear assembly, there is a cone copper sleeve, inserted into the moving cone spindle, the upper clearance is smaller about 3 mm, the lower clearance is larger about 8 mm, which can be measured with a coarse fuse during assembly, the amount of bowl-type copper tile wear and moving cone spherical wear will affect the clearance of such cone crusher parts, the trajectory of the moving cone is determined by it.

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