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What resources does HSI Crusher Parts have made?

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What resources does HSI Crusher Parts have made?

The impact crusher is ideal for the third stage crushing of small compartment shaped materials. The unique design with balanced high-speed rotor allows for smooth rotation. Impact crushers are also suitable for crushing iron ore, coal, manganese ore and other minerals. The durability of HSI Crusher is closely related to the material of its HSI Crusher Parts, so how to choose the material of HSI Crusher Parts, let's learn together through the following article.

Here is the content list:

l Manganese

l Martensite

l Martensite Ceramics

l FerroChrome

l Chrome Ceramic

l Tempered Chrome


Manganese plate hammers are typically used in primary crushing applications and provide the best impact resistance of any plate hammer. This manganese alloy is also well suited for HSI Crusher Parts where tramp iron may be present, and this material does not withstand abrasive wear as well as some other alloys.


Martensite plate hammers are more suitable for applications that require wear resistance and impact resistance close to that of chromium iron. This material is typically used in primary and recycling applications, and this bar will tolerate larger feed sizes and moderate amounts of tramp iron better than chromium iron. However, it is not recommended for high wear materials.

Martensite Ceramics

Martensite steel with a ceramic matrix throughout the bar. This material provides us with the wear resistance of the ceramic inlay that this bar provides us with as well as the advantages of standard martensite. This material is typically used in primary as well as recycling applications for crushing medium abrasive materials. It is a very good material for the manufacture of HSI Crusher Parts. This alloy does not tolerate very large feed sizes compared to standard martensite or manganese.


FerroChrome is very widely used in HSI Crusher and is a very good material for manufacturing HSI Crusher Parts, providing excellent wear resistance in the right machine. The feed size and metal content needs to be controlled as this type of material can be more brittle than alloys made from other raw materials and may fracture. Typically, this alloy will be used for secondary, tertiary or recycling applications on abrasive materials.

Chrome Ceramic

Because chrome ceramic has a ceramic matrix throughout the rod, chrome has better wear resistance than any other alloy in a high wear material. Chrome ceramic rods are typically used in secondary, tertiary and asphalt applications where tramp iron is not possible. Ceramics can be used in combination with medium or high chrome to significantly improve the wear life of plain chrome rods in the right application and are a very wear resistant HSI Crusher Parts material.

Tempered Chrome

Tempered chrome is the newest addition to the HSI Crusher Parts line of products. Tempered chrome bars are designed to provide better impact resistance than standard high chrome bars, while still providing similar wear resistance. Concrete rubble with a medium iron content is an ideal material for this alloy.

Our company specializes in manufacturing HSI Crusher Parts, for more information or to purchase spare parts for impact crushers, please contact us at www.hytoncrusherparts.com. We look forward to working with your organization to provide you with industry leading equipment.

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