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What is the structural design of crusher parts?

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What is the structural design of crusher parts?

Crushing is an indispensable key to ore crushing, sand making, and mineral processing, and crushers are widely used in mining production. The main structure of a crusher consists of the rotor, screen ring, and screen aperture, housing, and drive system. This article describes each crusher part in detail, focusing on the structural design of the crusher parts.

Here is the content list:

l Rotor

l Sieve ring and screen aperture

l Casing

l Transmission System


Structure and material

The rotor is the core component of the crusher and is mainly composed of the locking mother, the blade, the pressure ring, and the support plate. The locking mother is in the middle of the rotor and is one of the key components for fixing the rotor. The structure of this crusher part is designed with a streamlined radial flow path from the inside to the outside, where the rubber particles fly at a certain initial speed towards the blades at the edge of the rotor under high rotational speeds.

Dynamic balance check

The rotor is a high-speed rotating part, and the size of its unevenness during normal operation directly affects the service life of the equipment spindle and bearing box. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out dynamic balance calculations. The permissible unbalance mass of this crusher part is determined by calculation. When designing, it is sufficient to control the unbalance mass of the front and rear panels of the rotor respectively to be no greater than the permissible unbalance mass.

Rotor force analysis

The rotor speed is 1450r/min and the processing capacity is 850kg/h. By simulating the stresses on the rotor during the industrial operation of this crusher part, it can be concluded that the stresses on the blade and the support plate are good, but the shear and friction stresses on the inner edge of the support plate at the non-shaft end face of the rotor are high due to the high rotor speed, and the design requires local strengthening of the inner edge of the support plate.

Sieve ring and screen aperture

The screen hole ring of the crusher is fixed by the fasteners designed in the support bar, and the two screens are embedded and fixed by the fixed ring plate. This crusher part is made up of two screens embedded in the fixing ring plate and held in place by tension through the support bar, calibrated on-site by an industrial unit.


The crusher casing consists of a front panel, a rear panel, a saddle-shaped curved shell, a base plate, and a safety door, all made of stainless steel. The safety door is equipped with a locking mechanism, which is fixed with a handwheel and is energized when the crusher is started. In addition, the saddle-arc shell of the crusher is designed with temperature and vibration measurement points, which are directly transferred to the data control system to facilitate monitoring of the crusher chamber temperature and rotor vibration.

Transmission System

The crusher drive system consists of a motor, hydraulic coupling, pulley, belt, bearing box, and other accessories. The crusher components are designed with the motor directly connected to the hydraulic coupling, and the inner wheel of the hydraulic coupling rotates synchronously with the motor shaft, while the external pulley drives the bearing box drive pulley through the belt. This crusher component structure is characterized by high efficiency, stable operation, and good self-protection in the event of equipment failure.  

Given the important position that crushers occupy in mining production, the development and production of crushing production lines have always been the main development goal of mining production equipment manufacturers. Hyton Group Mechnical Equipment Co., Ltd. concludes that details are important to produce high-quality crusher parts.

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