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What is the role of crusher liner?

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What is the role of crusher liner?

For crushers, the working process of crushing is completed by the joint action of internal parts. There are many kinds of crusher parts, and the purchase needs attention. However, not all spare parts are involved in the crushing process. Some parts are related to the crushing of materials, some parts play a role in protecting the equipment, while others play a fixed role. These different parts work together to ensure the safe production process of the equipment, and the liner is one of the parts of the machine, and many of the crusher liners are made of high manganese steel. Let me introduce you to the role of crusher liners!

Here is the content list:

l Protection role

l Improving efficiency

l Touch the broken material

Protection role

A Crusher liner is installed inside the crusher casing, it will create a gap with the main parts of the crusher. Crusher in the process of operation, in fact, in the crushing material between the hammerhead and the liner plate will receive impact and extrusion, so that the material can be broken. Crusher liner is prominent inside the crusher because the equipment is expendable, that is, when working, with the extension of the working time, the internal parts gradually wear. When the wear reaches a certain level, the equipment can no longer work smoothly, and the crusher liner can play a protective role inside the equipment to reduce the wear or damage of some parts inside the crusher, which can reduce the impact on the efficiency of the equipment and reduce the cost of parts needed to repair the investment.

Improving efficiency

A Crusher liner can improve the efficiency and capacity of the crusher. Because the crusher liner generally has serrated teeth, the equipment in the crushing material, the serrated teeth can effectively crush the material, the effect is very obvious. But this effect will make the serrated teeth and materials with friction between the role of the serrated teeth gradually wear and lose their role, so you can use a better steel plate to process the lining of the crusher liner, to improve its own hardness and wear resistance. This also helps a lot to improve the labor intensity and production capacity of the equipment.

Touch the broken material

Crusher liners also play a role in crushing materials, so the material of crusher liners must also use the better wear-resistant type. After the material is crushed by the hammerhead, it will hit the crusher liner in the crushing cavity, and then the liner can counterattack the material, to achieve the effect of crushing again. Therefore, the crusher liner must be made of hard material to achieve a good crushing effect.

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