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What is the repair method for jaw crusher parts?

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What is the repair method for jaw crusher parts?

For the jaw crusher to work efficiently, maintenance procedures should be strictly adhered to. If poorly maintained, damage to the crusher parts will be accelerated, resulting in unplanned or emergency repairs to the crusher. Therefore, timely identification and repair of faulty parts is an important measure to improve the productivity of the machine. The following is a detailed description of the repair methods for several jaw crusher parts.

Here is the content list:

l Repair of the moving jaw shaft

l Eccentric shaft repair

l Repair of sliding bearings

l Connecting rod repair

Repair of the moving jaw shaft

The jaw journal of a jaw crusher can be repaired by turning and nesting worn jaw crusher parts to restore the original mating dimensions, where strength allows. Where conditions permit, repairs are carried out using vibratory welding and metal spraying to restore the original mating dimensions. Using appropriate technical measures, the worn jaw crusher parts are electro-welded and "fleshed out" and then turned to restore the original fit (this method is only applicable to the body part of the journal repair).

Eccentric shaft repair

The eccentric shaft of a simple pendulum jaw crusher can be repaired by lathe turning and scraping according to the wear condition. In case of special circumstances, the original journal can be turned and nested to restore the original fit size with a thickness of 56mm, and when conditions permit, vibration welding and metal spraying can be used to repair the jaw crusher parts to restore the original fit size.

Repair of sliding bearings

The repair of bearings is mainly based on the top clearance and the limit value of geometry change. When the bearing does not have serious local wear and tear, and the top clearance increases, the pad can be withdrawn to adjust the top clearance, but when the wear exceeds the general limit of 0.25% of the journal and the local wear is serious and there is a large area broken, the repair must be carried out immediately. This jaw crusher parts repair methods are: jaw crusher parts of the local defects in situ repair and turning processing, such as grinding deviation, oval, size cracks, local drop block, more simple methods available gas welding meat, manual scraping or mechanical processing, both fast and trouble, the effect is basically reliable (should try to use the original pasteurized material meat).

Connecting rod repair

Connecting rod in the course of work, cracks, fracture, bearing hole wear deviation, support pad groove wear or wear deviation and connection screw off, etc., should be promptly repaired. It has been proven that in the event of a major accident where the lower part of the connecting rod is cracked or even broken if the technical measures for repair are taken properly, the jaw crusher parts can basically be restored to use. Cracked or broken connecting rods are generally found in the lower part of the jaw and are often repaired by direct welding and reinforcing steel plate welding. The direct welding method is simple and suitable for medium, small, short, and shallow cracks, while the reinforcing steel plate welding is more laborious but reliable and suitable for large, long, and deep cracks and fractures.

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