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What is the performance of cone crusher parts?

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What is the performance of cone crusher parts?

A cone crusher is a crushing machine for raw materials in the metallurgical, construction, road building, chemical, and silicate industries. The cone crusher is widely used in many sectors such as mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy, and chemical industries. The cone crusher can be divided into spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, and compound cone crusher, etc. These different cone crusher types are somewhat different in their structure or technical content, but the main accessories are still similar in general, here is the introduction of spring cone crusher parts performance.

Here is the content list:

l Cone Crusher Motor Cone

l Cone crusher fixed cone

l Cone Crusher Bearings

l Cone Crusher Bronze Bushing

l Cone Crusher Springs

Cone Crusher Motor Cone

This cone crusher part, also known as the crushing wall, is made of a new composite material forged to provide high wear resistance. The crushing wall is fixed to the cone body by the cone head. After 6-8 hours of work on a newly installed or replaced cone crusher, the wall should be checked for robustness, etc.

Cone crusher fixed cone

The cone crusher fixed cone parts also called rolling molar walls, also belong to wear-resistant parts. This cone crusher part needs to withstand strong, high-frequency impact force activities during the working of the cone crusher, so it's generally made of high manganese steel, which has the characteristics of impact resistance, wear resistance robbery, extrusion resistance, and long life.

Cone Crusher Bearings

The cone crusher bearing needs attention in its installation and replacement. The bowl-shaped bearing frame should be closely matched with the base and the horizontal contact surface should be checked with a stopper to ensure that it is tight. When installing this cone crusher part, care should be taken to protect the inlet pipe, drainage channel, oil retaining ring, and dust ring so as not to touch them when they are installed.

Cone Crusher Bronze Bushing

The performance and role of the cone crusher copper sleeve are mainly used to play the role of a sliding bearing. This cone crusher parts wear is not serious, cylindrical bushing and the frame body for the third transition fit, to prevent the rotation of the bushing, and in the upper groove of the bushing injected zinc alloy, replace the new bushing should be by the actual size of the frame body configuration.

Cone Crusher Springs

The spring of a spring cone crusher is mainly used to protect the crusher from damage. Therefore, the pressure of these cone crusher parts is compatible with the crushing force of the crusher, its main only in the crushing cavity fall into the iron block to make the cone crusher overload when lifting the support sleeve occurs the spring is compressed.

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