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What is the installation method of cone crusher parts?

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What is the installation method of cone crusher parts?

Cone crusher is important production equipment in the process of fine crushing in industrial production. The safe and stable operation of the cone crusher has a lot to do with the correct installation of the equipment. In this article, we share the basic steps and operation specifications for the installation of some cone crusher parts.

Here is the content list:

l Installation of the base frame

l Installation of transmission parts

l Installation of adjusting ring

l Locking mechanism installation

Installation of the base frame

The equipment is placed on the constructed foundation. The equipment needs to be pre-buried ground bolts according to the foundation plan (according to the user's requirements, the ground bolts can also be used without the pre-buried iron scheme), and the second paddling will be carried out according to the location of the ground bolts in the foundation plan. When the second padding layer is hardened, install the bottom frame. The installation of the base frame should be kept strictly horizontal, and the corresponding position of the base frame damping pad should be polished smooth before installation, and the base level should be checked with a level meter. Keeping the level of cone crusher parts on the base can ensure the dynamic balance of the equipment, thus strongly guaranteeing the reliability of the machine.

Installation of transmission parts

The bearings should be installed hot, and the axial position of the bearings relative to the drive shaft should be ensured when the drive shaft is installed. After the drive shaft is installed, the axial runout should be checked. When installing the gland and mainframe pulley, a layer of sealant should be applied to the flat contact part and the flat key. The mainframe pulley, a cone crusher part, can be disassembled by a hydraulic device.

Installation of adjusting ring

The installation of the adjustment ring, which consists of the cone crusher parts such as the hopper, the threaded ring, and the cone liner, can also affect the stability of the machine, the crushing effect, and the service life of the cone liner. The cone liner and the threaded ring are in contact with each other through the conical surface. When installing the cone liner, put the cone liner in the right position, put the threaded ring on it, but the flange on the threaded ring, snap the ring to the outer ring of the neck of the cone liner, and then tighten the bolts one by one, repeatedly and symmetrically to lift the flange and snap the ring. After installing the fixed cone liner, you can install zero cone crusher parts such as pressure iron, sealing ring, and hopper.

Locking mechanism installation

Determine the relative position of the locking structure and the support ring according to the positioning pin, screw in the adjusting ring, and adjust to the proper position to get the proper working discharge opening clearance. Always ensure that the locking structure is parallel relative to the support ring, turn on the high-pressure pump station, adjust the pressure to 13MPa, and screw the jacking rod of the locking structure downward one by one, repeatedly and symmetrically until it is screwed. Turn off the high-pressure pump and remove the remaining pressure from the high-pressure pump. Because the locking structure is locked by the disc spring, the cone crusher part, the high-pressure pump, cannot be opened during the normal operation of the equipment.

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