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What is the inspection method of jaw crusher parts?

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What is the inspection method of jaw crusher parts?

The jaw crusher consists of two jaw plates, the movable jaw and the static jaw, which form the crushing chamber and simulate the two jaw movements of animals to complete the crushing operation of materials. It is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highways, railroads, water conservancy, and chemical industries to crush various ores and large materials of medium size. Jaw crusher parts make up the jaw crusher. The jaw crusher parts need to be inspected regularly, and the next is the introduction of the inspection method.

Here is the content list:

l Check the heat of the bearings

l Check the safety condition of the parts

l Check the cleanliness of parts

Check the heat of the bearings

Because the bearing alloy used for casting tiles in the following 100 ℃ to work properly, if more than this temperature should immediately stop to check and troubleshoot. Check the method is: if there is a thermometer on the bearing, then you can directly observe its indication figures, if not installed thermometer available hand model, that is, with the back of the hand on the tile shell, to the hot put not, about no more than 5s, this time the temperature is more than 60 ℃.

Check the safety condition of the parts

Check whether the oil returned from the oil return pipe contains metal fines and other dirt, if so, stop working immediately and open the lubrication parts of jaw crusher parts such as bearings to check. Check whether the bolts, flywheel keys, and other jaw crusher parts' connections are loose. Check the wear of jaw plate and transmission parts, and check whether there are cracks in the tie rod spring and whether they work normally. Check whether the lubrication system is working normally, listen to the work of the gear oil pump has no impact sound, etc., see the value of the oil pressure table, check the amount of oil in the oil tank and lubrication system weave whether the oil leakage, if found that the amount of oil is not enough, should be supplemented promptly.

Check the cleanliness of parts

Always keep the equipment clean, so that there is no accumulation of dust, no oil, no oil leakage, no water leakage, no electricity leakage, and no ash leakage. In particular, pay attention to dust and other debris must not enter the lubrication system and lubrication parts of the jaw crusher parts, because, on the one hand, they destroy the lubricating oil film, thus making the equipment lose lubrication and increase wear, and on the other hand, dust and other debris itself is a kind of abrasive, after entering will also accelerate the wear of the jaw crusher parts and shorten the life of the equipment. Regularly clean the filter of lubricating oil with gasoline, and wait for it to dry completely after cleaning before continuing to use it. Replace the lubricating oil in the oil tank regularly, which can be done once every six months. This is because the lubricating oil in the process of use due to exposure to air (oxygen) and the influence of heat (temperature increase 10 ℃, its oxidation speed doubled), and dust debris, moisture or fuel infiltration, and some other reasons and constantly in the aging deterioration, so that the oil loses lubricity.

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