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What do I need to pay attention to when installing crusher parts?

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What do I need to pay attention to when installing crusher parts?

To ensure smooth operation and unnecessary maintenance costs in the future, it is important to strictly comply with the installation procedures to put the production line into operation and avoid unnecessary maintenance costs caused by improper installation of crusher parts or failure to comply with installation precautions. The following is a summary of the top 5 considerations in the installation of crusher parts.

Here is the content list:

l Balance

l Checking the fixing

l Configure the power supply

l Testing the machine


When installing the crusher parts we must pay attention to the ground, as the crusher vibrates a lot during normal production. The crusher must be stable during installation, so it is usually installed on a concrete base to reduce vibration. Otherwise, if the machine vibrates too much during the production process, it may affect the whole production process and also the foundation of the building. So, the installation should pay attention to the balance of the main body and the ground, so that in the production of the machine, the hammerhead in the operation of more effective crushing stone, strength balance, more conducive to the crusher due to the imbalance of mutual wear and tear, more safely increase the life of the crusher parts. It is best to also pad a wooden mat board between the crusher and the concrete.

Checking the fixing

After installation, the crusher parts should be checked to see if they are firmly fixed, whether the bolts in each part are loose, whether the mainframe barn door is tightened, whether the machine spindle can operate normally, whether the lubricating oil is filled, etc. Any unreasonable places should be dealt with in time.

Configure the power supply

The installed crusher should be equipped with a power supply line, which must be equipped with the rated power of the equipment by the requirements of the manual, as well as the safety of the control switch to ensure whether the power is normally energized and the safety of the power supply.

Testing the machine

After these checks are completed, a test run is carried out, first by opening the switch to see if the crusher can run normally to ensure there are no problems and then by putting in the material for further operation. After all the steps have been installed, a comprehensive review must be carried out, mainly to check the tightness of the screws and the tightness of the connection of the crusher parts, if there are loopholes promptly to modify, only to be able to put into normal use without fail.

The above are the five major considerations for the installation of crusher parts, as long as the above five precautions can be done to prevent maintenance costs. We are at your service from the very beginning to ensure the best operation of your production line. We have a professional R&D team and a professional after-sales service. We welcome your contact.

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