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What are the wear factors and solutions for impact crusher parts?

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What are the wear factors and solutions for impact crusher parts?

Impact crushers are nowadays widely used in mining, quartz sand, coal mining, sand and gravel quarries, and other production lines. During the crushing process of the impact crusher, the impact crusher parts are prone to severe wear, which in the long run results in reducing the service life of impact crusher parts and affects the efficiency of the impact crusher. The following paper analyses the causes of wear and tear of impact crusher parts and gives measures to deal with them.

Here is the content list:

l Causes of Failure

l Treatment measures

Causes of Failure

Plate hammer wear is the main form of failure in impact crushers. Generally, plate hammer life is short, consumption is high, a large number of spare parts need to be stocked to maintain normal production, and production costs are high. There are two general reasons for the short service life of this impact crusher part: Firstly, the material of this impact crusher is not properly selected. Plate hammer material is often used high manganese steel, high manganese steel is characterized by good toughness, high strength, good workmanship, a certain degree of hardness, in the larger impact or contact stress, high manganese steel surface layer will quickly produce intense work hardening, greatly improving the surface hardness and wear resistance. But in actual use often impact force or contact stress is not enough to make the surface quickly produce work hardening, wear resistance cannot give full play to. Second, the impact crusher plate hammer structure is not properly selected. This kind of impact crusher parts structure form many, working surface has wide thick and narrow thin two, wide thick effective wear amount is big; have single head work and double head work, have single side work and double side work, single head only one wear surface, double head have two wear surface, and double head double side has four wear surface. Under the same material conditions, the effective wear volume is large and the wear surface is more plate hammer natural long service life.

Treatment measures

To improve the service life of this type of impact crusher parts, the scientific selection of the plate hammer material and the optimization of the plate hammer structure are two ways to start. To improve the service life of the plate hammer, the impact crusher parts should be selected from materials with good wear resistance, such as high-chromium cast iron and low-carbon alloy steel. High chromium cast iron is a material with excellent anti-wear performance, wear resistance than high manganese steel, the disadvantage is lower toughness. In the impact of large occasions prone to brittle fracture, to improve the strength of the plate hammer and reduce costs, in high manganese steel plate hammer overlay welding a layer of high chromium cast iron to achieve the purpose of wear resistance. Low-carbon alloy steel mainly contains chromium, molybdenum, and other elements of alloy structural steel, high hardness, good toughness, in the same working conditions, its service life than high manganese steel hammerhead at least 1 times more, but the tempering heat treatment process is the key. In this kind of impact crusher parts of the structure selection, in the process conditions allow the conditions, choose a wide thick working surface, double-headed double-sided work of the structure of the plate hammer, it can greatly improve the service life of the plate hammer.

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