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What are the steps and precautions when installing the crusher liners?

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What are the steps and precautions when installing the crusher liners?

The Crusher liners are the key wearing part of the crusher, and their performance directly affects the working performance of the mill. In the crusher working process, the crusher liners will be constantly worn, shortening its service life. There are certain installation steps and precautions when installing the crusher liners. The following are some of them.

Here is the content list:

  • Installation Steps

  • Caution

    Installation Steps

1.Preparation work before installation

Check whether the construction lighting conditions are by the safety process and the safety regulations. Prepare the lifting tools, then clean the site hygiene and prepare the tools and instruments used. Finally, remember to open the entrance and exit explosion-proof doors and manhole doors for ventilation.

2.Installation order

Install the end cap sector crusher liner first. Install the end cap sector liner from the bottom one, and then from both sides up half a circle, after each piece is installed, to connect the bolt, but the nut should not be tightened. Then, rotate the barrel 180°, install the remaining half circle, and finally tighten all the bolts. Then install the cylinder crusher liner, first install the wedge iron directly below the big can, fasten the bolts, and then fix the two ends with wedge iron, use lifting equipment to rotate the big can 90°. Then install the 1/4 circle liner of the big tank, then fasten it with wedge iron, then use lifting equipment to rotate the big tank 180°, and install the last 1/4 circle liner.

3.Installation precautions

Dust and dirt should be removed from the barrel before installing the crusher liner. When installing the crusher liner, a layer of 1:2 cement mortar should be applied between the inner wall of the cylinder and the liner, and the liner bolts should be tightened while wet. The gap between the crusher liners is also smoothed with sand and mortar. Before installing the liner plate of the crusher, the liner plate should be inspected and trimmed, its back and all around should be smooth and flat, and the bolt holes should be thoroughly cleared of sand and cleared of casting flying edge so that the bolts can penetrate smoothly. The bolts fixing the liner crusher liner should be carefully padded with gaskets to prevent leakage of slurry. Directional liner crusher liner should pay attention to the direction should not be installed in reverse. The thin end of the ladder liner should be in the same direction as the arrow in the direction of rotation when the mill is working. Also, note that the bolts found to be loose during operation must be tightened in time.

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