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What are the features of VSI crusher?

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What are the features of VSI crusher?

Along with the development of the country's economy, fueled the rise of the mining industry, and therefore derived from the variety of crushing equipment and models are becoming more and more abundant. Crusher as large equipment with high prices, how to choose a reliable crushing equipment and VSI crusher parts, has become a problem for crushing purchasers.

VSI crusher is a mining machinery equipment for crushing rocks to make sand, with stable and reliable work, to obtain a very high particle size crushing ratio, sand production rate and other characteristics, with the right VSI crusher parts make it particularly suitable for stone shaping, production of institutional sand, widely used in hydropower, construction, cement, metal mining and other industries in the fine crushing operations.

The following is a list of contents.

  • Stable and reliable working

  • Obtain very high size crushing ratio

  • High sand making rate

Stable and reliable working

VSI Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers are designed to rely on the same swift impact between ore and hard objects as other impact equipment, so they share basic characteristics with other impact crushers and are designed to outperform extrusion. These top feed, bottom drive vertical shaft impact crushers are lightweight and compact, making them very easy to install in existing or new workflows. The crushing chamber is equipped with a lug device that allows the stagnant material to have a resting angle, and the crushed material first moves upward and then is discharged from the rotor through the material flow. The geometry of the Ore-Metal Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher is perfectly combined with the VSI crusher parts to minimize the number of times a given ore block impacts with other materials to improve natural crushing.

High size reduction ratio

The ore falls through the feeder into the ore distributor, which distributes the material evenly between the guide impellers. If the feed opening is large enough, the crushing along the natural face of the mineral results in a high size crushing ratio and produces well-formed product particles. The rotor ejects the material horizontally by centrifugal force into the impact plane of the crushing chamber at a very high speed. The ore-ore crusher is designed to have a lower crushing rate than the ore-metal crusher and is used in the crushing stage of the rock in mining, for example in front of a ball mill. The crushed material falls into the discharge area, which is the basic working principle of the impact crusher. Combined with VSI crusher parts, the product is not only flawless and beautiful.

High sand making rate

VSI crusher can produce a variety of well-formed particle size of high quality products and high production rate. Therefore, the ore crusher achieves material crushing through mutual friction, abrasion and impact between ores. The impeller throws the material onto a metal surface called the anvil, which is fixed near the crushing chamber. The angle and spacing are set for specific applications to achieve the maximum crushing rate. The size ratio of the crushed ore can be controlled by adjusting the speed of the rotor. This is a feature that is superior to other types of impact crushers that are primarily limited to handling non-abrasive materials. In addition, in the more vulnerable parts of the wear, the damaged parts are very small and can therefore be manufactured with a selection of trusted VSI crusher parts. More advanced ore - ore crusher can not only send the material to the rotor for impact crushing in the crushing chamber, but also more material directly to the crushing chamber, through the rotor transfer material for impact crushing.

Our company has been committed to the research and development of VSI crusher parts for many years, and the products developed have been put into production after many experiments. If you are engaged in VSI crusher parts related industry, you can enter our company's website to communicate with us, our website is www.hytoncrusherparts.com.

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