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What are the design points of the impact crusher parts?

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What are the design points of the impact crusher parts?

The main parts of an impact crusher are the crushing chamber and impact plate, etc. To make the impact crusher work better, the design should be planned with the actual situation in mind, so that the design link is very important. The following is an introduction to the design points of impact crusher parts.

Here is the content list:

  • Design points of the crushing chamber

  • The design of the impact plate

  • Design points of the impact plate suspension

Design points of the crushing chamber

The crushing chamber of an impact crusher has a significant impact on productivity, energy consumption, product size and shape, and liner wear. Therefore, the design of a better crushing chamber is a key factor in ensuring the superior performance of an impact crusher. This type of impact crusher parts consists of an inlet guide plate, two stages of impact plates, and a circular arc from the unloading point of the guide plate to the discharge opening of the second stage impact plate.

The design of the impact plate

The role of the impact plate is to bear the impact crushing of the material struck by the plate hammer on it, and the crushed material will bounce back to the crushing area and impact crushing again. After the above analysis and knowledge from our company, the summary analysis concludes that the shape and structure of the parts of this impact crusher have a great influence on its crushing effect. For this situation, first from the material crushing effect. According to the theoretical mechanics of the collision principle, the material to positive collision (vertical collision) effect is better. However, the hammer is rotating, so if the material is projected onto the impact plate in the crushing chamber in a positive collision (vertical collision), the curve of the impact crusher part must be an involute line. This is because the involute is characterized by the fact that the material is impacted in a vertical direction at all points of the impact plate.

Design points of the impact plate suspension

The impact plate suspension device of the impact crusher is also an adjustment device for the discharge opening, and at the same time can play a role in insurance. This impact crusher part is designed to be of the tie rod spring type and the normal working position of the impact device is achieved by the spring preload when the impact crusher is in operation. The size of the spring preload can be calculated by using the equilibrium conditions of this impact crusher part in the operation.

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