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What are the considerations for crusher parts in summer?

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What are the considerations for crusher parts in summer?

In such continuous high-temperature weather, not only do people need to prevent heat, machinery and equipment also need to "prevent heat". The crusher is a kind of mining machinery equipment because the crusher must work outdoors, and the workload is huge, in high-temperature weather, the equipment temperature is too high is very prone to failure. Therefore, users should do a good job of crusher "summer" work, otherwise, it will not only affect the production but also cause safety accidents. Here is the content list: Crusher parts in summer.

  • Here is the content list:

  • Dust prevention

  • Replace the oil viscosity grade

  • Replenish oil levels

  • Equipped with fire extinguishers

  • Pay attention to ventilation

  • Temperature reduction

Dust prevention

Clean the engine body from oil and dust in good time, keep it dustproof and ensure good heat dissipation. Although some equipment nowadays has upgraded dust control systems to reduce the probability of downtime due to dust, the dust problem will become more serious in summer due to high temperature and dry air. For example, it is important to regularly check crusher parts, such as the fixing bolts of the dust seal slip ring, to prevent the dust seal and slip ring from falling off and allowing large amounts of dust and ore to enter the body of the machine, causing scrapping of the crusher or significant economic loss.

Replace the oil viscosity grade

Change the proper oil viscosity level for the equipment, generally, the oil viscosity level should be appropriately higher in summer than other times.

Replenish oil levels

Crusher parts, such as engine oil and lubricating oil in various places need to be replaced using summer oil, with the right amount of oil, often check whether there are oil leaks, especially fuel, should be replenished in time.

Equipped with fire extinguishers

Summer heat, increase the rate of equipment failure as well as the incidence of fire, for each machine randomly equipped with 1-2 fire extinguishers, in case of misfortune.

Pay attention to ventilation

It is best to install crusher parts indoors in a well-ventilated environment and to pay attention to regulating the indoor temperature, as well as the ventilation and air permeability of the surrounding environment. It is best to ensure that the working temperature does not exceed 40 degrees to maintain a good working environment for the crusher.

Temperature reduction

For some core components of the crusher parts, check the temperature at any time during the work. If the temperature is found to be too high, be sure to stop and rest or take some measures to reduce the temperature of the parts. This is because too high a temperature can easily lead to the aging of the crusher parts and shorten their service life. In outdoor operation of the crusher, generally cannot resort to reduce the surrounding temperature of this approach, you can reduce the use of the machine, reduce the power, so that its heat emissions reduced, or in the machine around or above the installation of awnings so that it reduces the time in the sun exposure, which can also be very effective in reducing the temperature of the machine.

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