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What are the common failures of crusher parts and how to deal with them?

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What are the common failures of crusher parts and how to deal with them?

Do you know the faults that can occur during the construction of a crusher? This article focuses on explaining the possible faults of crusher parts and how to deal with them.

Here is the content list:

  • Damage to the shock absorber

  • Vibration box bearings

  • Engine water tank

  • Crushing head

  • Driveshafts

  • Hydraulic oil

Damage to the shock absorber

The first form of damage to the shock absorber is a localized bulge on the surface of the gel, commonly known as a "bulge". If we find that such a crusher part starts to "bulge", it can be replaced without delay so as not to affect the construction process, but the ground observer should pay close attention to the "bulging" shock absorber. After "bulging" to a certain extent, the shock absorber will appear to break, at this time should immediately stop for replacement.

Vibration box bearings

When the bearing is damaged, the direct performance is abnormal vibration or can not start vibration, they should immediately stop the machine to remove the bearing cover to check whether these crusher parts are damaged. If the crusher parts are found to be damaged, the vibrating box should be dismantled immediately and all bearings should be replaced. After the replacement is completed, vibration commissioning should be carried out and the temperature of each bearing should be tested with a temperature measuring gun to ensure that the standard is reached before construction is carried out.

Engine water tank

The existing engine water tank is not adapted to the crusher's use environment, the horizontal tie bar on the water tank often makes the water tank pop broken. If during use such crusher parts are found to be broken, they should be repaired and the water volume in the tank replenished.

Crushing head

The crushing head is mainly damaged by fracture and wear. As this crusher part is itself a consumable part if the crushing head is found to be broken it should be replaced immediately. If it is not broken, the crushing head should be replaced in time when it is worn to the extent that it seriously affects the construction progress.


Most of the time, the drive shaft is damaged by twisting and breaking. For this reason, care should be taken to keep the vibrating box in a normal vibrating state as far as possible during work, to prevent the box from being subjected to torsion, to prevent the crushing head from being plunged too deep into the pit, and to be more careful on roads with large stones turned up. And do a good job of timely lubrication of the parts of this crusher.

Hydraulic oil

When the frequency cannot meet the working requirements, you should consider whether the hydraulic oil should be replaced.

Crusher parts in good condition not only do not have to worry about crusher parts failing while working, but also improve the life cycle of crusher parts. Timely detection of problems to solve them will enable them to work continuously and create higher economic benefits! Hyton Group Mechnical Equipment Co., Ltd. produces crusher parts of excellent quality.

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