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What are the characteristics of impact crusher parts?

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What are the characteristics of impact crusher parts?

Impact crusher has a simple structure, easy to operate, and is the preferred equipment for the mining crushing industry, so where is the simple structure of impact crusher mainly reflected? It can be seen from the characteristics of the impact crusher parts. The following is a detailed description of the characteristics of the impact crusher components.

Here is the content list:

  • Characteristics of the rotor

  • Features of the frame

  • Characteristics of the impact plate

  • Features of the main shaft

  • Characteristics of the plate hammer

Characteristics of the rotor

The rotor is supported on the lower casing by double row radial spherical roller bearings at both ends. When the rotor does the static balance test, the rotor shall not return 1/10 of the circumference when it stops in position. This type of impact crusher parts must be of a certain weight to suit the needs of crushing large materials. Adjusting the gap between the impact frame and the rotor in the operation of the impact crusher adjusts the size of the material to be crushed. At the same time, the lower part of the impact crusher is equipped with a grate plate, so that the crushed material smaller than the size of the screen hole is discharged through the screen plate, and the coarse material larger than the size of the screen hole remains on the screen plate to continue to be struck and crushed by the impact plate and plate hammer.

Sandvik VSI RP109 rotor tip (1)

Features of the frame

The welding of the frame of the impact crusher is usually carried out by electrode arc welding, i.e. welding with a manually operated welding rod, using a stable burning arc established between the welding rod and the welding piece to dissolve the welding rod and the welding piece, thus obtaining a solid welded joint. This type of impact crusher part welding is carried out with small linear energy. To prevent the metal from overheating and causing a decrease in toughness, the interlayer temperature needs to be controlled and should not be too high. To reduce the line energy, the welding process as far as possible to straight-pull, slightly swinging even arc welding; to control the heat input, the need for reasonable welding layers and the number of channels.


Characteristics of the impact plate

The impact plate is designed to withstand the impact of the material being struck by the plate hammer. The material is crushed by the impact, and the impact crushed material is then bounced back into the impact zone to be impact crushed again to obtain the required product size. This type of impact crusher is generally made of welded steel plates. The impact surface is equipped with a liner plate, but also with impact rollers or grate bars. The impact surface with grate slits has less fine-grained content, and the production capacity of the equipment can be increased and electricity consumption can be saved.


Features of the main shaft

This impact crusher part is the main part that supports the rotor, and the second impact force is carried by it. Therefore, its material is required to have high toughness and strength. This impact crusher parts of the material are mainly carbon steel and alloy steel, steel shaft billet most of the rolled round steel and forgings, some directly with round steel, carbon steel than alloy steel inexpensive, less sensitive to stress concentration, but also with heat treatment or chemical heat treatment to improve its sex and fatigue strength of the method, so the use of carbon steel manufacturing shaft is particularly widespread.

Main Shaft (1)

Characteristics of the plate hammer

The impact crusher plate hammer is a wearing part of the impact crusher and therefore the performance of the plate hammer is critical. Therefore, high chrome cast iron is used to manufacture this impact crusher part, and its life is much better than high manganese steel material. Due to the use of high chrome cast iron material, the impact crusher can crush a wide range of materials. The shape of the plate hammer is closely related to the robustness method as well as the working load. The design of the plate hammer should meet the requirements of easy working, loading, and unloading and improved metal utilization of the plate hammer. Plate hammers are generally made of high chromium cast iron, high manganese steel, and other alloy steels.

NP1213 板锤 (1)

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