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VSI Crusher Parts Manufacturer Feed Tube Apply CV117 VSI Crusher Parts

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  • CV117


  • 84749000

Product Description

VSI Crusher Parts Manufacturer Feed Tube Apply CV117 VSI Crusher Parts 

Hyton has developed a range of replacement Barmac crusher spare parts and wear parts to suit vertical shaft impactors originally manufactured by Metso , Sandvik and Trio Crusher.

Crusher Vertical Shaft parts

Our Advantage:

100% OEM Quality

In Stock in Bulk

Competitive Price in Market

Brands Supported Include:

METSO B5100SE, B6150SE, B7150SE, B9100SE
SANDVIK CV117, CV128, CV129, CV217, CV228, CV229
TRIO TV65 ,TV85 TV95,TV325

Hyton VSI Parts

                                                                                       Hyton VSI Parts List Suit Metso Barmac Parts 
HT-MM0407480 HT-B96394049O HT-B812S7440C HT-B69274170D HT-B96394055B HT-B69274048D
HT-B96394007A HT-B96394049E HT-B96394008A HT-B69274008A HT-B90394055B HT-B96394150L/B
HT-B812S5421A HT-B96394049G HT-B963X2022B
HT-B61274180A HT-B96334170B HT-B69274050E
HT-B712S6400C_M HT-B96394150O/B HT-B96394120F HT-B48204065A HT-B96334170C HT-B69274030E
HT-B812S7420C HT-B96394150N(K) HT-B96394120E HT-PD0941600B HT-B96334180A HT- B691S7040A 
HT-B70274013A HT-B96394150O(L) HT-B96394025A HT-B48204045B HT-B96394170C HT-B69274135A
HT-B962S2005A HT-B96334030E HT-MM0401068 MM0407477 HT-B96394180A HT-B69274140A
HT-B962S2004A HT-B962S7040B HT-MM0400931  MM0407475 HT-B96394060B HT-B69274120C
HT-B962S2003A HT-B96394135A HT-MM1074295 HT-MM0401051 HT-B90394060A HT-B96394025A
HT-B913S7434A HT-B96394140A HT-MM1173836 HT-MM0401052 HT-B90334105L HT-B69274055B
HT-B812S9452F HT-B96334135A HT-MM1173845 HT-MM0401063 HT-B90334105M HT-B69274170D
HT-B913S9452D HT-B96334140A HT-MM1074292 HT-MM0401066 HT-B96394007B HT-B69274060A
HT-B812S8411A HT-B96394120C HT-B69274030F HT-MM0401067 HT-70274105M HT-B69274105L
HT-B812S7441C HT-B96394120B HT-B90334105L HT-MM1133902  HT-MM0407468 HT-B702S7040A
                                                                                    Hyton VSI Parts List Suit Sandvik VSI Crusher Parts 
HT-488.0109-001  HT-488.0247-901  HT-488.1513-901 HT-488.1756-901  488.1013-901  488.0258-001
HT-488.0141-001  HT-488.0007-901  HT-841.0502-00 HT-841.0502-00 488.1057-901  488.1457-901
HT-488.0318-001  HT-488.0344-001  HT-488.0366-901 HT-488.1458-901 488.0366-901 868.0848-00
HT-488.0315-001  HT-488.1075-901  HT-488.1644-901 HT-488.1644-901 488.0364-901 868.0842-00
HT-488.0314-901  HT-488.1123-001  HT-488.1703-901 HT-488.1704-901 488.0363-901 488.0272-901 
HT-488.0313-00 HT-488.1662-901  HT-488.1704-901 HT-488.0850-901 488.0487-901 488.0039-001 
HT-488.1676-001  HT-488.1565-901  HT-488.0219-901 HT-488.0851-901 984.1160-00 488.1765-901 
HT-488.1677-901  HT-488.1801-901 HT-488.0076-001 HT-488.0770-001 868.0845-00 488.1624-901
HT-488.1679-901  HT-488.0987-901  HT-488.0360-901 HT-488.0853-901 868.0844-00 984.1160-00
HT-488.0219-901  HT-488.0999-901  HT-488.0361-901 HT-488.0365-901 488.1119-001  488.1760-901 
HT-488.0031-901  HT-488.1009-901  HT-488.0369-901 HT-485.0091-001 488.1740-901  488.0365-901
HT-488.0134-901 HT-488.0930-901  HT-488.0362-901 HT-488.0368-901 88.0270-001  488.1456-901
HT-488.0118-901  HT-488.1762-901  HT-488.0368-901 HT-875.0369-00 488.1751-001  488.0853-901
                                                                                         Hyton VSI Parts List Suit Trio VSI Crusher Parts 
TVS325.3(YL) TV325-6- TVI356.4   TVR254.4 TVR254-4 TV65.6-3
TTVS 325-3 TV85-1- 17022288 TVR254-1 TVR254-7 TV65.6.4
VS325-5 TV85B.1.5  17022291 TVR254.2 TV65.6.1 TV65.6-4
TVS325-9 TV85B.1.4       TVR254.00(BL) TVR254.3 TV65.6.2 TV65.6.5
TVS325-801 TV85B.1.3   TVR254.1 TVR254-6 TV65.6-2 TV65.6-5
TVS325-802    TVI356.4.5  TVR254-2 TVR254-5 TV65.6.3 TV65.11
Hyton VSI Parts

Hyton offers a wide variety of tips for Barmac VSI machines. We offer many different grades of tungsten inserts to ensure correct application and the longest wear life for the tips without breakage. Different from OEM tips, all of Hyton´s are cast steel (not cast iron) to provide the best possible support to the tungsten insert and thus contribute to longer wear life, after 15 years production and reasearch ,Hyton can supply the customized service for different customers according the different crushing Environment, and Hyton promise you at least 100% same life time profermance as original tips , Tip carbide is the key factors of the life time profermance ,and Hyton is one of the most experienced manufacturer master the technology.


All the wear castings for the DTR and standard rotors are available from Hyton. We also offer some extra heavy duty versions to address disproportionate wearing of the upper and lower wear plates. Hyton also offers additional wear castings for special conditions and applications, the famous material that Hyton serviced as below : Cr26Mo0.5,Cr26Mo1,Cr26Mo0.5Ni0.5,Cr26Mo1Ni1,Cr26Mo1.5Ni2, Based on the 100% control of High crhomium casting parts , Hyton can promise all the wear parts have the same life time as original parts ,and Hyton can also supply the customized material for customer according the different feeding size and material .

Hyton VSI PartsRotor re-builds

We also offer comparable rotor re-build and dressing services to the original equipment manufacturer, contact our sales team to find out more.

All Hyton compatible parts to suit the Metso Barmac VSI are manufactured and warranted by Hyton, for the avoidance of doubt it is not implied that our branded parts originate from the OEM.

Hyton holds a huge stock inventory of premium quality compatible spare parts and wear parts to suit a popular range of vertical shaft impactors (VSI). Our replacement Vsi parts gare guaranteed to meet or exceed the OEM specification for fit , material grade and pefrormance at least not less than original parts .

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Hyton VSI Parts


Q1: To compare with others foundry , What is the Core Advantage  ?

A1: Reasonable Price but 100% Quality guarantee is the Core advantage of Hyton , If any parts made in

Hyton have bad quality or short life time , we will pay you same Qty parts free with freight cost .

Q2:Why I can trust you  have the good quality as your promise ? 

A2: We always ask our customer take 2 or 3 sets liners to test the quality first  , this may important for you to choose a new partner , action speak louder than words , in addititon , we sugget all of our customer not pay 100% money before get the  inspection report and pictures from Hyton, only after we solve all the questions you may have , you make the balanced-payment process. 

Q3: What is your Quality Control  Process of the products  ?

A3: Hyton have more than 15 years experience works with partners  from more than 40 countrys arorund the world, most of the customer from Europe , America , Russia , Australia  and etc , so we have compelete quality inspection system, our Quality control plan include the Chemical analysis, Heatment ,Hardness,Microstructure,Visual Inspection, Dimensional Inspection , Packing Inspection  . 

Q4: If we can be the local dealer of Hyton ?

A4: yes , of course , after you get the standard of the Hyton's Dealer  ,Hyton can sign the Dealer Agreement with you , Pls check the details with sales Man of Hyton .

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