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Support, Rubbers HT-7080440000 Suit to Metso Compact CVB1540 Vibrating Screen

Product name: Support Rubbers
Application: Vibrating Screen
Material: Rubber
Color: Customized
Package:Standard Wooden Packages 
MOQ: 10 sets
Delivery Time : Old Pattern -within 4 weeks, New Pattern - within 6 weeks
  • CVB1540


  • 84749000

Product Description

Support, Rubbers HT-7080440000 Suit to Metso Compact CVB1540 Vibrating Screen  

Product Description

In the realm of particle separation and material processing, vibrating screens stand as indispensable workhorses. Hyton Provide One-stop Wear&Spare Parts Solution for vibrating screens, mainly include: Screen Surface, Vibrator, Screen Box, Motor, Base, Supporting Device and other customer’s custom parts.

震动器 官网

Types of Vibrators

Electric Vibrators: These are the most common types of vibrating screen vibrators. They are powered by electric motors and are versatile, providing adjustable vibration intensity.

Pneumatic Vibrators: Powered by compressed air, pneumatic vibrators are suitable for applications where electric power may not be readily available or in hazardous environments.

Hydraulic Vibrators: Driven by hydraulic power, these vibrators are often used in heavy-duty applications and can provide high force.

CVB1540 震动器 Vibrator-封面

Suitable Model

CVB102 CVB103 CVB104 CVB202 CVB203
CVB204 CVB302 CVB303 CVB304 CVB402
CVB403 CVB404 CVB502 CVB503 CVB602
CVB603 CVB1540 CVB1845 CVB2050 CVB2060


Mining and metallurgical industry: In mines, it can be used for primary screening of ores to separate raw ores according to different particle sizes.

Metallurgical industry: Inclined vibrating screens can be used to screen ore after crushing and classify ores according to different particle sizes.

Building materials industry: It can be used for screening and classifying sand, mortar, cement and other building materials. For example, in concrete production, inclined vibrating screens can be used for screening sand and gravel.

Chemical industry: It can be used for screening and classifying chemical raw materials, such as pigments, plastic particles, coatings, etc. Inclined vibrating screens can also be used for solid-liquid separation of solutions to separate solid particles from liquids.

Food industry: It can be used for screening and classifying food raw materials, such as flour, powdered sugar, starch, etc. During food processing, inclined vibrating screens can also be used for food separation and classification.

Environmental protection industry: It can be used for solid-liquid separation and wastewater treatment. It plays an important role in wastewater treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and industrial wastewater treatment.


Company Profile

Ma'anshan Hyton Heavy Industry Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the large-scale engineering machinery wear-resisting casting industry in Anhui Province, Maanshan City. As a new high-tech enterprise professionally manufacturing wear-resisting casting product Which specialized in manufacturing and research of High manganese and high Chrome wear parts. After ten years of rapid development, Hyton has now become a renowned enterprise in China's wear-resisting casting industry and it has become one of the famous supplier of wear parts for crusher and concrete mixer.
Established in June 2004, the company is now undertaking a National Torch Program Project,and five of its patented products have been honored as the "New High-Tech Product" of Anhui Province two of which have been listed into the New Products Program of Anhui Province. The company's wear-resisting casting products have been praised to be the "Famous-brand Products of Anhui Province",  the company has been appraised as a "Trustworthy" unit of Anhui Province for many consecutive years. It was selected as one of the first batch of enterprises in Bowang District to be cultivated as the "Little Industrial Giants". In April 2014, Hyton Heavy Industry been selected as the 2nd Top 100 China Foundry Industry Enterprises again, which is an another landmark honor after being recognized as the "Professional, Refined, Special and New" Enterprise in Anhui Province.

Located in the New Material Industrial Park, Bowang High-Tech Zone, Ma'anshan City, the company covers an area of 90  Square kilometer and currently has more than 300 employees. The company is equipped with lost molding production line and lost casting production line imported from FATA Company in Italy, Inductotherm Vacuum Degassing Furnace (USA), Foseco Casting Technology (U.K), SPECTRO Spectrometer (Germany), the currently most advanced ZZ418A vertical parting flaskless shoot squeeze molding machine Disa production line, horizontal molding line and self-control lost casting production line in China, the most advanced sand treatment system in China. With three gas trolley heat treatment furnace and pusher-type furnace full-automatic heat treatment production lines, the company can annually produce 30,000 tons of various wear-resisting castings.


Packing and Shipping

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

After goods well packaged, we need only 1 day ship goods to Shanghai port, which means that most of the spare parts you bought from Hyton, it will get your port within 45 days all around the world if shipment by sea.


Our Advantages

1) Vibrating screen vibrators can be customized based on specific application requirements, including the type of material being screened and the desired screening efficiency. 

2) We have many rich experience engineers who can help you maximize your parts span life and minimize your purchase cost. 

3) High-manganese steel woven screen, punching screen and rubber screen can be used according to materials and user requirements, and can be selected according to the processing materials. 

4) Your inquiry related to our product & price will be rapidly.  

5) Well trained & experienced staff are to answer all your inquiries in English of course. 

6) Your business relationship with us will be confidential to any third party. 

7) One stop purchase service: extensive range of products for qualified offering 

8) We response to client's inquiry within 12 hours.



1.Q: What kind of products do you make?

A: We specialize in vibrating screens wear&spare parts, mainly include: Screen Surface, Vibrator, Screen Box, Motor, Base, Supporting Device and other customer’s custom parts.

2.Q: What kind of material of screen do you provide?

A: High-manganese steel woven screen, punching screen. rubber screen and other customer’s custom materials.

3.Q: What is your time of delivery? 

A: Our lead time is generally 2-4 weeks for casting parts and shipping time is about 2-4 weeks.

4.Q: How to test your quality?

A: We will show you material inspection and measurement inspection after finishing the goods, at the same time, we will give you the life time guarantee letter after shipping the goods. The best suggestion to all the customer who may interest our product-Test 2 set first, all the good business relationship all from test and trust.

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