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Metso Nordberg Jaw Crusher Replacement Parts Toggle Plate High Manganese Steel Parts


Product Description

Hyton aftermarket jaw crusher replacement parts and wear parts are used by crusher operators worldwide and are often specified by many of the world‘s most prestigious mining, quarrying, demolition and recycling operators together with several of the major original equipment manufacturers.

jaw crusher replacement parts

Product Description

Mainly Spares 

The HytonCasting product range of mechanical spare parts for jaw crushers is unrivaled. HytonCasting stock precision-machined OEM manufactured pitman assembly, cheek plate, eccentric shaft,wedge,flywheel,front end... for most popular jaw crushers.

Brands Supperted

Metso: C ® Range- C63 |C80 | C95 | C96 | C100 | C105 | C106 | C110 |C116 | C120 |C125 |C130 | C140 | C145 | C150 |C160 | C200

Sandvik: CJ ® Range- CJ408 | CJ409 | CJ411 | CJ412 | CJ612 | CJ613 | CJ615 | CJ815

               JM® Range- JM806 | JM907 | JM1107 | JM1108 | JM1208 | JM1211 | JM1312 | JM1511 | JM1513

Terex: J-1170 | J-1175 | J-1170AS | J-1160 | J-960 | J-1480 

Trio: CT1030 | CT1040 |CT1048|CT1252 |CT2036 |CT2436 |CT3042 |CT3254 |CT3254B |CT3648 |CT4254 |CT4763 |CT6080

jaw crusher replacement parts

Hot Sale Parts For Mesto Nordberg

Pitman & assy

HT-576495 HT-578138 HT-901599 HT-902328 HT-908619
HT-910557 HT-910869 HT-928380 HT-938762 HT-949611881800
HT-949626134700 HT-MM0266492 HT-MM0566817 HT-MM0557629 HT-MM0208687
HT-MM0205766 HT-MM0204726 HT-590297 HT-913371 HT-MM0581481
HT-905480 HT-928380 HT-924473 HT-576458 HT-MM0266492
HT-918577 HT-917173


HT-576501 HT-MM0241261 HT-575181 HT-MM0221659 HT-MM0241058
HT-MM0240728 HT-949620653100 HT-576511 HT-576512 HT-MM0219628
HT-MM0219629 HT-590150 HT-575101 HT-570618 HT-MM0524512
HT-MM0524473 HT-577408 HT-577409

Cheek Plate

HT-MM0213245 HT-930654 HT-MM0200928 HT-917296 HT-917307
HT-917292 HT-901528 HT-901531 HT-949648704900 HT-949648705000
HT-905492 N11952143 913876 HT-913879 HT-934192
HT-940243 HT-MM0242059 HT-922261 HT-922262 HT-949648724100
949648724200 MM0297765 HT-570392 HT-MM0242221 HT-MM0318704
HT-MM0201305 HT-MM0201101 HT-905489 HT-MM0200765 MM0514485
949647154300 576974 HT-902567 HT-902568 HT-MM0242228
HT-MM0242229 HT-585352 HT-585353 585354 MM0586529
MM0584720 HT-10.314.627.000 HT-10.314.628.000 HT-10.314.386.000 HT-10.314.404.000
HT-10.314.262.000 HT-10.314.263.000 402.4239 402.4635 402.4240
HT-10.214.351.000 HT-10.214.352.000 HT-402.4521 HT-402.4522 HT-402.4766

Deflector Plate

HT-10-314-626-000 HT-10-314-479-000 HT-10-214-384-000
HT-10-214-255-000 HT-10-214-255-000 HT-10-114-354-000

Toggle Plate

HT-949647114600 HT-917751 HT-341202 HT-922849 HT-MM0215574
HT-319142 HT-949647154700 HT-MM0507891 HT-578157 HT-HT-906828
HT-949647106000 HT-916946 HT-591360 HT-MM0543491 HT-402.4605
HT-418517 HT-905628 HT-MM1064765 HT-MM0567612 HT-MM0221467
HT-MM1006270 HT-MM1002997

Packaging & Shipping

After goods packaged well , we need only 1 day ship good to shanghai port ,which means that most of the spare parts you bought from Hyton ,it will get your port within 30 days all around the world if ship by sea.


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Company Information

Company Information
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