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Home » News » Inserts Casting Process Improves the Service Life of Crusher Wear-resistant Parts

Inserts Casting Process Improves the Service Life of Crusher Wear-resistant Parts

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Inserts Casting Process Improves the Service Life of Crusher Wear-resistant Parts

    Crusher is the main equipment for crushing materials. Its wear-resistant parts are not only severely worn during use, but also have to withstand strong impact forces. They often appear worn out or damaged, and need to be repaired and replaced, wasting a lot of manpower and material resources. The application of high chromium alloy inserts, titanium carbide inserts and ceramics inserts casting process on the wear-resistant parts of the crusher greatly prolongs the service life of the wear-resistant parts, saves costs and improves the crushing ratio and output rate. This casting method is to inlay hard blocks with high hardness and high wear resistance (such as cemented carbide, titanium carbide rods and ceramic blocks, etc.) in the wear-resistant parts of wear-resistant castings by casting.

    Titanium Carbide Inserts

    TIC carbide rods can be used in very poor working conditions in order to improve the life of the workpiece. Since the titanium carbide has a strong high temperature corrosion resistance, so that titanium carbide products are also used in a high temperature corrosive environment. TIC carbide rods are mainly used in hammer crusher hammer head, blow bar, movable jaw plate, tooth plate, cone crusher crushing wall, liners, crushing cavity, concave, bowl liners and other spare parts. It increases their service life by 3-5 times.

    Ceramics Inserts

    Worn components with ceramic inlays have definite benefits over conventional steel alloys. Ceramic particle hardness is very high, about HV1400-1900 (HRC74-80), it has high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance properties. Therefore, ceramic inserts are designed to be extremely hard, durable, and resistant to wear, abrasion, and impact. They are commonly used in high-wear areas of machinery, such as the crusher liners, jaw plates and other wear parts of crushers and mills.

    Hyton Provide One-stop Solutions for Your Crusher Wear&Spare Parts, we can customize all kinds of super wear-resistant parts according to your requests, high chrome alloy insert, titanium carbide insert and ceramics insert can be accepted. In the future, we will conduct in-depth research and be committed to providing customers with longer service life and more wear-resistant crusher wear&spare parts. Welcome to contact us to konw more.

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