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How to select and inspect crusher liners?

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How to select and inspect crusher liners?

The crusher liner is an important accessory in a crusher, which needs to go through a strict process from material selection to production and shipment. The following is a detailed analysis of how to select and inspect crusher liners.

Here is the content list:

  • Selection methods

  • Test method

Selection methods

To improve the service life of crusher plates, crusher liners are made of manganese steel containing more than 12% manganese. At present, there are many new materials, such as ZGMn18Cr2 and other multi-alloy composite materials, which are more expensive but have a service life several times that of ordinary manganese steel parts. For example, when the ore type is copper ore and the hardness of the ore is 12~14, the ordinary grade high manganese steel metal grade can meet the requirements; when the hardness of copper ore reaches 16~17, the wear resistance of the crusher liner is higher, and the ordinary grade high manganese steel metal grade is not very suitable, and the ordinary grade liner material is relatively soft and easy to deform after installation. After installation and use, the liner plate is easily deformed (the head is easily expanded and widened by extrusion), resulting in the plate being stuck inside the crushing cavity and cannot be lifted normally, but only by cutting. Often the crusher liner is prone to cracking, resulting in shorter service life. The increased frequency of crusher liner replacement and the longer replacement time also leads to increased downtime. A full understanding of the site mining conditions should be provided with crusher liners that use metal-grade products with high wear resistance to meet the site usage requirements. The carbon element in the wear parts is mainly used to ensure the amount of carbide in the high chromium cast iron to ensure the wear resistance of the material, but as the carbon content increases, although the amount of carbide will increase in favor of wear resistance, it will also greatly reduce the toughness of the material. The addition of chromium makes the carbide hardness higher, which is conducive to improving wear resistance, while the chromium in the matrix can improve the hardenability of the material, the molybdenum element is mainly used to improve the hardenability of the material, the copper element is completely fused in the metal matrix to improve the hardenability of the material, and the manganese element can dissolve more in the matrix while improving the solid solution strengthening effect, which is conducive to improving the wear resistance of the crusher liner.

Test method

If the crusher liner is often replaced, the production efficiency is low, and the surface cracking of the cast liner parts must be effectively reduced to ensure processing accuracy, improve the quality of castings and production efficiency. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the acceptance standards for site use and the specification requirements of each supplier, the crusher downtime is too long and affects the site production, the manufacturers need to increase the inspection of their products, especially some domestic independent processing manufacturers. Unqualified products can cause great problems to the user. This outstanding problem will lead to the manufacturer's quality reputation is also subject to a large reduction.

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