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How to replace cone crusher parts?

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How to replace cone crusher parts?

The rolling molar wall, circular plate, gears, cone sleeve, eccentric shaft, crushing wall, and bearings are important components of the cone crusher, and wear and tear are inevitable during use. When they cannot guarantee the normal operation of the crusher, it is necessary to replace these cone crusher parts. Here is how to replace cone crusher parts.

Here is the content list:

  • Cone wall replacement

  • Replacement of gear shims

  • Replacement of the taper sleeve

  • Crushing wall replacement

  • Replacement of the bowl bearing

Cone wall replacement

The wall has U-shaped screws in the adjustment ring, between the two injected zinc alloy, so that it is tightly combined, new installation or replacement of the wall, after 6-8 hours of work, should check the tightening of this cone crusher parts, and tighten the U-shaped screws again. It is important to note that the ore must be distributed in the middle of the disc when the cone crusher is in operation. To prevent overloading of the crusher and uneven wear of the liner, direct loading of the ore into the crushing chamber is not allowed. The correct conditions for feeding the ore are: the ore is evenly dispersed in the crushing chamber by the distribution disk, and the ore fed cannot be higher than the level of the rolling molar wall.

Replacement of gear shims

Due to the wear and tear of the plate, the gear gap changes. To ensure the normal meshing of the cone crusher parts, a gasket must be added to the bottom cover, the thickness of which should be equal to the wear of the plate.

Replacement of the taper sleeve

The cone sleeve and the hollow eccentric shaft should be tightly fitted, and zinc alloy should be injected to prevent the cone sleeve from rotating. The zinc alloy should fill all the gaps. The hot zinc alloy injection may cause deformation of the cone crusher parts. Therefore, the new cone set should be checked for size and corrected if found to be incorrect, and the spare parts should be manufactured according to the actual size of the inner diameter of the eccentric sleeve to maintain the original fit.

Crushing wall replacement

The crushing wall is fixed on the cone body with a cone head, between the two casts with zinc alloy. Newly installed or newly replaced parts of this cone crusher should be checked for tightening after 6-8 hours of work and found loose to be tightened immediately.

Replacement of the bowl bearing

When mounting this cone crusher part, take care not to damage the oil retaining ring by touching the steel wire rope (support it between the wire ropes with something like hardwood). When assembling, the supporting spherical surface should be scraped and researched to ensure that the crushing cone and the bowl-shaped mutual spherical surface should ensure an annular clearance of 0.35-0.5mm in the outer circle contact with the inner ring. The bowl-shaped shaft tile is fixed to the bowl-shaped bearing frame with alloy locking nails infused around it to prevent the bowl-shaped shaft tile from rotating along the circumference.  The bowl-shaped bearing frame is fixed to the frame with a key. If a gap is found between the bowl-shaped bearing frame and the frame during work, this must be dealt with immediately.

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