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How to repair the impact crusher parts?

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How to repair the impact crusher parts?

The impact crusher is a new, highly efficient crushing plant with a large crushing ratio. The rotor, plate hammer, impact plate, and castor plate are the easily damaged parts of the impact crusher; the rotor shaft and bearings, adjusting spring, leveling castor plate, suspension shaft, and transmission device are the general wear parts. So how should the impact crusher parts be repaired if they are damaged? Next are some introductions.

Here is the content list:

  • Repair of the plate hammer

  • Repair of the impact plate and liner plate

  • Repair of the uniform castor plate

  • Rotor repair and balancing

Repair of the plate hammer

The plate hammer is an important part of the impact crusher parts and is usually made of high manganese steel. The plate hammer rotates at high speed with the rotor and strikes the crushed material, which wears very fast due to repeated impact and grinding of the material. When the plate hammer is worn, the traditional repair method is to replace it and repair it by overlay welding. When reusing the weld-repaired plate hammer, attention should be paid to the weight balance of the rotor on which it is mounted. The repair should be carried out to implement the principle of improvement repair. According to the information, our country has done many experiments, from the test found that in the plate hammer embedded low chromium alloy white cast iron, and high manganese steel plate hammer comparison can make the life of the plate hammer increased by more than 1 times. This alloy white cast iron has high hardness, good wear resistance, simple production, low cost, and other characteristics. To reduce the wear of the plate hammer, when designing or improving the rotor, the number of plate hammers on the rotor should not be too many, the diameter of such impact crusher parts should not be too small, and the powder, soil, and moisture in the material should be pre-selected for screening and processing.

Repair of the impact plate and liner plate

The impact plate has one and two cavity impact plates, a split cavity impact plate, and a fixed impact plate, of which the one cavity impact plate is the most worn. The impact crusher is equipped with lining plates on both sides of the casing, which are chiseled for abrasive wear. The impact plate and liner plate are made of high manganese steel, which can be repaired by overlay welding with high manganese steel rods in addition to replacing the new one after wear.

Repair of the uniform castor plate

In the case of double-rotor impact crushers, there is a set of equalizing castor plates under each rotor. The discharge gap between the castor plates and the rotor can be adjusted by adjusting the spring pressure of the impact crusher parts, and the equalizing castor plates are suspended from the weakened sleeve supports, which play a protective role. The castor plate is mostly made of high manganese steel, which is not only easy to wear during work, but will be bent and deformed when the material is concentrated too much, or when the parts in the cavity fall off or enter the iron block. The bent castor plate can be straightened by heat, and the worn castor plate can also be repaired by overlay welding.

Rotor repair and balancing

The rotor of an impact crusher is mostly made of cast steel throughout, with plate hammers installed along the circumference to crush medium-hard materials. To prevent the passage of fine material through the gap between the two ends of the rotor and the casing, the rotor face is usually inlaid with a guard plate at the end of this impact crusher part, which can be easily repaired or replaced after wear. If iron is dropped in the rotor cavity, or if the impact crusher parts fall off, it may cause the plate hammer seat to crack. After the plate hammer seat crack should be opened along the crack system welding repair bevel, bevel depth should not see the crack so far, the bevel clean, with ordinary steel welding rod repair. Both ends can also be repaired with metal buckle law.

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