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How to overhaul the cone crusher parts?

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How to overhaul the cone crusher parts?

The cone crusher is widely used in many industries in China and is one of the most important pieces of equipment in many mining and mineral processing plants. For each cone crusher of different sizes, its overhaul is a must. Regular overhaul not only prolongs the service life of the machine but is also the key to reducing breakdowns. This article summarises a few points on how to overhaul cone crusher parts.

Here is the content list:

  • Overhaul of the liner plate

  • Overhaul of the bearing seal

  • Overhaul of the spindle bushings

  • Frame Overhaul

  • Eccentricity

  • Overhaul of the moving cone

Overhaul of the liner plate

Each time the liner is serviced the dust seal must be checked for integrity. If the dust seal is damaged, or if the gap between this cone crusher part and the sliding ring is greater than 1.5mm, or if the upper and lower surfaces of the seal are worn, the seal must be replaced.

Overhaul of the bearing seal

The condition of the bearing seal must be checked daily. If any lubricating grease flows onto the spindle above the moving cone lock nut, it indicates that the seal has been damaged, and this cone crusher part must be replaced when the moving cone liner is next replaced.

Overhaul of spindle bushings

If the spindle bushing is worn or damaged, it must be replaced. When replacing the bushing, the top frame must be removed. Be careful not to damage the main shaft when cutting the bushings with a grinding machine. The new bushings are assembled using the hot sleeve method and the heating temperature of this cone crusher part must not exceed 240°C.

Frame Overhaul

The frame of the cone crusher must be overhauled well once a year. Because the crushing chamber and the lower frame support arms are equipped with protection plates, the wear condition of the parts of this cone crusher should be checked periodically, and if necessary, the guard plates should be replaced and welded in place.


The eccentric distance is changed by replacing the eccentric sleeve. The eccentric distance is determined by the eccentricity of the eccentric sleeve and the upper frame and main shaft must be removed during servicing and changing the eccentric distance.

Overhaul of the moving cone

When overhauling the moving cone of a cone crusher, attention should be paid to whether the lower retaining ring section of the moving cone carcass is showing wear. If the ring height of such cone crusher part is 1/2 should be welded steel plate, if the spherical surface of the body is worn more than 4mm, or if the lower end of the cone of the body is worn more than 4mm in contact with the liner, the body should be replaced.

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