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How to maintain the jaw crusher parts?

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How to maintain the jaw crusher parts?

The main components of a jaw crusher are the jaw plate, tooth plate, thrust plate, eccentric shaft, and bearings. These jaw crusher parts have a short replacement cycle, and if they are properly maintained, their service life can be extended and production costs can be reduced efficiently. Here we look at how to properly maintain jaw crusher parts.

Here is the content list:

  • Jaw plate

  • Tooth plate

  • Thrust Plate

  • Bearings

Jaw plates

The jaw plate is generally made of high manganese steel and has a service life of only 4 months. To extend the life of this jaw crusher part, we can first improve the hardness and toughness of the material used to manufacture the jaw plate, for example by using medium manganese steel to manufacture the jaw plate, which increases the life by more than 20%. When the material put into the jaw crusher changes, we also need to change the parameters of the equipment in time, and if minor wear and tear are found in the production, we need to repair it in time to extend the life of this jaw crusher part.

Tooth plate

There are two main ways to extend the life of the jaw crusher tooth plate. One is to strictly control the size and hardness of the incoming material, taking care not to allow iron or other impurities to enter the machine. The second is to reduce the impact wear of the material on the parts of this jaw crusher to a minimum. We can do this by equipping the jaw crusher with buffering measures to reduce the impact speed of the material entering the equipment. It is also possible to change the thrust plate to an upward sloping type, which facilitates the crushing of the material and promotes the downward movement of the material, efficiently reducing the friction between the material and the tooth plate.

Thrust Plate

The thrust plate material is mostly grey cast iron, the material's wear resistance, bending strength, and impact toughness are low, so the production should avoid large pieces of material into the crushing cavity, can be blasted before the large pieces of material into the crushing cavity, but also to pay attention to not make impurities and other non-crushing materials into the equipment. On the other hand, it is important to ensure good lubrication between this jaw crusher part and its supporting liner to reduce damage to the jaw crusher thrust plate.


To prolong the service life of the bearings, two main things should be done: firstly, the correct assembly of the jaw crusher parts, so that the bearings fit properly with other components and ensure that the bearings have a certain working clearance. The second is to do a good job in the production of bearing lubrication, to ensure good lubrication of the bearing, so as to extend the life of the jaw crusher bearing.

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