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How to choose VSI Crusher Parts?

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How to choose VSI Crusher Parts?

In recent years, due to environmental reasons, the supply of river sand is insufficient, the rise of mechanism sand, vertical axis impact sand making machine in the industry is widely used. Vertical shaft impact sand making machine production mechanism sand due to the gradation, powder content, and other key indicators can completely replace the natural river sand, in the construction of sand and gravel aggregate industry has become a star product, many stone production line a machine hard to find, several major domestic crusher manufacturers of new machines in short supply, in the use of equipment, inevitably produce VSI Crusher Parts wear and tear of wearing parts and other issues, affecting the Product quality, today we will briefly talk about how to choose VSI Crusher Parts.

The following is a list of contents.

  • Low consumption of wearing parts

  • Excellent particle size

  • Easy installation, easy to operate

  • Multi-use, flexible

  • Quality assurance

  • Environmentally conscious

Low consumption of consumable parts

The wear parts in VSI Crusher Parts are low in consumption. The optimal design of the crushing cavity material impact angle, less friction with wear parts, than the traditional equipment operating costs of 40% lower, directly reducing the cost of equipment use.

Excellent granularity

The product is cubic, with good granularity, reasonable gradation, and adjustable fineness modulus, which is especially suitable for artificial sand making and stone shaping, and it is proved that the effect of sand making and shaping is 30% higher than other traditional equipment.

Easy installation, easy operation

Once the specific application is defined, the VSI Crusher Parts can maximize its excellent performance with only minor adjustments.

Multi-purpose and flexible

The unique feed crushing structure, with multiple crushing cavities, allows for easy conversion between "stone to stone" and "stone to iron", thus solving the problem of multiple uses. If you need to change the application of VSI Crusher Parts, no major adjustments are needed to adapt to the different needs of users: sand making, shaping, abrasive materials, etc.

Quality assurance

The application of advanced riveting technology of the latest foreign technology process and the application of sandblasting and sunset treatment and painting process of the appearance of the automotive process greatly improve the internal quality and appearance of the equipment. The core components are all chosen from the international famous brand Hyton to ensure the low failure rate of the system.

Focus on environmental protection

VSI Crusher Parts equipment works with low noise and no pollution. The unique air self-circulation system greatly reduces the amount of external air exhaust, reduces dust, and is conducive to environmental protection. In addition, VSI Crusher Parts are reserved and suitable for the installation of a variety of specifications of dust removal accessories equipment.

VSI Crusher Parts are designed to provide high-quality sand and gravel aggregate for highways, high-speed railroads, high-rise buildings, municipalities, hydropower dam construction, concrete mixing plants, and are the preferred sand-making machine parts equipment for artificial sand making and stone shaping. Hyton is a leading manufacturer and supplier of crusher liners and VSI Crusher Parts and has been dedicated to the research and development of VSI Crusher Parts for many years. Performance, energy-saving and environmental protection, simple maintenance, and long service life, which are widely favored by our customers in the market. If you have any demand, you can contact us at www.hytoncrusherparts.com.

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