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How to buy crusher parts?

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How to buy crusher parts?

A crusher can easily be tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of dollars, as the price of large equipment, the purchase of crusher equipment must be sharpened, careful comparison shopping, the choice of crusher parts is also the same. What aspects of the crusher parts need special attention? Next are some tips for buying.

Here is the content list:

  • Use of theoretical analysis

  • Crusher parts life

  • Core components

  • Economic and technical principles

Use of theoretical analysis

Production, the universal crusher parts are difficult to find, the key to improving efficiency lies in how to reasonably choose crusher parts. First of all, we must correctly analyze the crusher parts use working conditions and its wear mechanism, understand the performance indicators of various crusher parts, followed by a comprehensive consideration from the economic cost, reliability, production efficiency, production product quality, mechanical equipment loss, power costs, wear-resistant parts replacement difficulty, etc., to choose the most suitable application of wear-resistant materials, to achieve the purpose of energy-saving and consumption reduction.

Crusher parts life

The wear and tear of crusher parts will be a large expense in the later production and operation process. Therefore, the service life of crusher parts is particularly important. Crusher parts include hammerheads, main cone, liner plates, etc., which vary from model to model.

Core components

Different crushers have different core components. For example, in the case of jaw crushers, the core component is the hammerhead. The hammerheads are made with excellent manufacturing technology and more wear-resistant materials, which have a long service life, good wear resistance, and a good crushing effect!

Economic and technical principles

The choice of crusher parts should first determine the economic and technical principles for selecting the use of crusher parts and media, not a single choice of a particular material or a particular accessory model, but also need to be combined with the overall actual situation of their own plant for analysis. Initially, there are the following points: analysis of the type of each production method, the characteristics of the process, the technical performance of the equipment, the performance of the raw materials, the product index requirements, and other process technology and equipment conditions. Determination of the working conditions and environment to be used. Maximization of the service life of the crusher parts under the working conditions. Ensure that particles from wear enter the product and do not cause an impact on product quality or contaminate the product. Improve the cost performance of crusher parts. The performance of the crusher parts should be advanced and applicable, and the price should be reasonable. Choose materials close to you, choose manufacturers and products with reliable production and mature technology.

There are many crusher manufacturers in the market, choose the advanced technology, reliable qualification, brand excellent equipment produced by the manufacturers, will let you in the use of the process of more peace of mind, more at ease! And Hyton Group Mechnical Equipment Co., Ltd. has specialized in manufacturing crusher parts for many years, so we believe that our high-quality products will meet your needs.

Liner plate

Its main lies in itself are high manganese steel material, have very strong wear resistance, but there are many high manganese a steel material or using a cycle is short, this is their element ratios is not enough or did not reach the appropriate ratio, then the real reason for the element ratios is not enough lies in the manufacturer's a process casting, some to save costs, reduce the input of raw materials, some is its process level is low, so the purchase of a gyratory Hyton is decades-old manufacturer, the production of a rotary brake liner wears a resistance has been greatly improved, the quality is generally higher than similar products in the market, Gyratory Crusher Parts castings choose a good manufacturer, a good manufacturer to choose Hyton.

Every day is facing a difficult work, the quality of Gyratory Crusher Parts must be good, to achieve the effect of crushing at work, there are many Gyratory Crusher Parts on the market at cheap price, but after using a few times is already a scrap state, which will also affect the Gyratory Crusher to reduce the service life. So Gyratory Crusher Parts try to choose qualified products from regular manufacturers. Hyton is a professional production company of all kinds of Gyratory Crusher Parts, if you need, welcome to click our website to contact us, our website is www.hytoncrusherparts.com.

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