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How does the crusher liner affect the crusher?

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How does the crusher liner affect the crusher?

Crusher means Layout of particle size greater than three millimeters content of more than 50% of the total discharge quantity of mechanical pulverization. Crusher liner is one of the important parts of them. But how much do we know about the crusher liner? The following is an introduction to how crusher liners affect crushers, including the reasons why crusher liners are easily damaged.

Here is the content list:

  • Causes of Damage

  • Wear resistance affects the crusher service life

  • The size of the screen hole affects the processing capacity of the crusher

Causes of Damage

The crushed sand grains fall from the screen holes of the crusher liner plate at the bottom of the crushing basket, and the debris is discharged through the cleaning door at the back end. The old sand blocks entering the crusher are mixed with cold iron, broken steel pieces, refractory materials, and other hard debris that cannot be crushed. The crushing basket liner is subjected to the impact and collision of this debris and the continuous friction of the sand particles, which gradually become thinner and have holes and need to be replaced regularly.

Wear resistance affects the crusher service life

The liner plate is the main carrier of the strong friction and impact effect in the sand block crushing process and undertakes the task of lowering sand, which is the key component that restricts the processing capacity of the vibrating crushing and regenerating machine. The wear resistance of the liner plate affects the service life and replacement cycle of the liner plate. The worse the wear resistance, the higher the frequency of replacement, the higher the cost of consuming manpower, material, and time, and the more unfavorable to continuous production.

The size of the screen hole affects the processing capacity of the crusher

The size of the crusher liner screen hole directly affects the rate of sand, which in turn affects the handling capacity of the crusher. If the screen aperture is too large, the sand will not be sufficiently crushed; if it is too small, the sand will be blocked because the old sand usually contains moisture, which will easily adhere to the lower sand opening and further reduce the sand rate. Therefore, improving the wear resistance of the crusher liner and optimizing the structure design of the crusher liner lower sand opening are effective measures to improve the processing capacity of the crusher and reduce the maintenance workload, which is of great significance to the enterprise in terms of energy saving, cost reduction, and efficiency.

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