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How can Gyratory Crusher Parts be replaced?

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How can Gyratory Crusher Parts be replaced?

Gyratory Crusher Parts, as the name implies, are the parts of the Gyratory crusher. The Gyratory crusher is a kind of crushing machinery and equipment, and you can see the figure of the Gyratory crusher in some large construction sites, facing these hardstone objects and crushing them every day, which is a great challenge for Gyratory Crusher Parts, and replacing the parts is also a frequent thing.

The following is a list of contents.

  • Gear meshing

  • Bowl Bearing

  • Cylindrical bushings and frame

  • Gyratory bushings

  • Liner plate

Gear meshing

The circular plate is worn out due to friction during the work of the Gyratory crusher, which directly affects the gear gap to a certain extent. No shims are added on the bottom cover to ensure the normal meshing of the gears, and the thickness of the shims should be added according to the specific degree of wear.

Bowl bearing

When installing the bowl bearing, must be careful to install, do not let the wire rope touch the oil retaining ring. When assembling, scraping, and researching the supporting spherical surface, should ensure a certain clearance.

Cylindrical bushings and a frame body

As the third transition fit of cylindrical bushing and frame, the upper groove of the bushing is injected with zinc alloy, it can well avoid the rotation of the bushing, when replacing the new bushing, it should be formulated by the actual size of the frame so that it can operate normally.

Gyratory bushing

When replacing the Gyratory bushing of the Gyratory crusher, it should be fitted to check the size and correct the incorrect place in time. The spare parts should be manufactured according to the actual size of the inner diameter of the eccentric bushing to keep the original tacit degree.

Liner plate

Its main lies in itself are high manganese steel material, have very strong wear resistance, but there are many high manganese a steel material or using a cycle is short, this is their element ratios is not enough or did not reach the appropriate ratio, then the real reason for the element ratios is not enough lies in the manufacturer's a process casting, some to save costs, reduce the input of raw materials, some is its process level is low, so the purchase of a gyratory Hyton is decades-old manufacturer, the production of a rotary brake liner wears a resistance has been greatly improved, the quality is generally higher than similar products in the market, Gyratory Crusher Parts castings choose a good manufacturer, a good manufacturer to choose Hyton.

Every day is facing a difficult work, the quality of Gyratory Crusher Parts must be good, to achieve the effect of crushing at work, there are many Gyratory Crusher Parts on the market at cheap price, but after using a few times is already a scrap state, which will also affect the Gyratory Crusher to reduce the service life. So Gyratory Crusher Parts try to choose qualified products from regular manufacturers. Hyton is a professional production company of all kinds of Gyratory Crusher Parts, if you need, welcome to click our website to contact us, our website is www.hytoncrusherparts.com.

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