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HSI Crusher Parts to how to maintain it?

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HSI Crusher Parts to how to maintain it?

Crushers are generally used in a very harsh environment, so after a long time there will be damage to the equipment, especially its parts are severely damaged, resulting in a large amount of maintenance will also be a large cost expenditure, the emergence of this phenomenon is very likely to be a lack of ordinary maintenance and maintenance. So, how to carry out the maintenance and repair of HSI Crusher Parts?

Here is the content list:

  • Rotor maintenance

  • Maintenance of bearings

  • Main shaft maintenance

  • Maintenance of the plate hammer

  • Maintenance of the hammerhead

Rotor maintenance

To reduce the damage caused by the imbalance of the rotor, we can insert the throwing head directly into the round holes of the upper and lower discs, and use screws to keep the inner and outer protection rings on the inner and outer circles of the rotor to improve the reliability and service time of the machine.

Maintenance of bearings

In the operation of the crusher equipment, the bearings should be well lubricated, the correct choice of smooth oil and the right amount to add, to prevent the bearings in the operation of the temperature rise too high, regular cleaning of the bearings, otherwise the bearings in the operation of the simple excessive heat and the impact on the operation, this operation can effectively reduce the wear and tear on the HSI Crusher Parts.

Main shaft maintenance

In the operation of the crusher equipment is not allowed to overload for a long period, so as not to trigger a larger stress concentration to make the spindle fracture, do a good job of lubrication of HSI Crusher Parts, add the appropriate thickness of rubber between the bearing housing and the bracket, to improve the flexibility of the bracket, reduce the impact load affecting the spindle, and lengthen the use of the spindle time.

Maintenance of the plate hammer

After the wear layer on the surface of the plate, hammer wears out, immediately replace the surface where the wear layer has been broken to the surface where the wear layer is present, and use the plate hammer with the lighter wear in the middle and the plate hammer on both sides to reduce the wear of the plate hammer and lengthen the use time of the plate hammer in HSI Crusher Parts.

Maintenance of the hammerhead

When installing or changing the hammerhead of the crusher equipment, use the correct installation method to reduce the weight error on both sides, the balance of the rotor after installation, and the distance between the hammerhead and the impact liner should be satisfied, so as not to cause the stone to wear the HSI Crusher Parts.

The above is the main HSI Crusher Parts maintenance work, which requires us to pay extra attention to check the wear of each part in normal use, to understand the serious wear of the HSI Crusher Parts to immediately change, the slight wear of the parts to repair, to improve the parts under the rate, and by regular maintenance of the HSI Crusher Parts, can reduce the wear between each part, to reduce production funds.

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